The Christmas Story seen from Refreshed Eyes – Part two

The Divine

For the believer, the divine in Christmas is obvious. The magnificent prophecies of the Old Testament from Genesis 3 onward, all find their fulfilment in the crib at Bethlehem. All God’s purposes are discovered and revealed in Jesus.

But just stop and reflect for a moment. Take the place of a shepherd, wise man or inn keeper. What is it that occurs at this point in history? What do you see? What are you part of in these events? This isn’t arid theology, but rather, it is the true creator God revealing Himself in a way that no other (man made) god had ever imagined bringing hope and salvation to humanity. The birth of the Christ in the person of baby Jesus defies our human imagination.

In this act of grace and hope. We see God’s timing. This man/God was born at a pivotal point in history. A point when the word of hope could spread rapidly and effectively along the trade and military routes of the Roman Empire.

A meticulous God planned for this moment so that His creation would be renewed though His son. Nothing was left to chance. The choice of Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men, even Herod himself was part of his program of hope, salvation and the restoration of the kingdom.

For me, the most amazing truth is that God chose to intervene. The creator of the universe could just as easily have destroyed us all and started afresh. It is not as though we deserved anything. Salvation isn’t due to us. We are not owed grace. Yet He has extended that to us. For me, that is the divine, the inexplicable … the amazing and true!

If the people around the crib exemplify humanity. God’s planned and purposeful intervention of amazing grace, is the divine.

For the first half see Part 1 The Christmas Story seen from Refreshed Eyes

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