The Calling

Some further thoughts on Jesus’ calling of his disciples

Matt 4:18-22

I have always been amazed at the swiftness with which Peter, Andrew, James and John responded to Jesus’ call. O.k. it was Spirit inspired, but from a human perspective it was an amazing human decision. One, frankly, that I envy.

The irony that I find in my life is that the “faith” decision has never seemed difficult. Partly, I believe, because my parents and theirs had walked the same path. It was the “normal” path to follow. It was path that grew from a very age. Faith, worldview, ethics and the like have been, on the whole, the “easy ” decisions.

The choices I find difficult are the day to day choices. What calling should I (have) follow(ed), what decision should I make about both important life choices and minor ones. It is these I find that leave me to-ing and fro-ing. There are no snap decisions here!

However the joy is, whatever decision I make in the latter category, it is the first, faith, that gives me a comfort and calmness, that no matter what choices I make, God is always in control.

Still, I envy Peter’s ability to make a life changing, career changing, snap decision!

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2 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. Thanks for sharing your faith in Jesus. We really only have two choices in life…to follow Jesus or to not follow Jesus. Peter and the others knew what they had to do.

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