Wondering Out Loud

I think, (he says very carefully) that a number of the writers of blogs I follow and who follow me, are men of a certain age. (Apologies to the younger writers and the ladies). Why, I thought to myself, are these “men of a certain age” writing about faith, Christianity and the Bible?

I have one answer (there may be many more). But the one I posit is that these writers have been through quite a bit of what we call “life”. They have seen the good, bad and ugly and hope their readers can learn from, or, escape all together, the trials and pain that the past has taught them.

Thank you to all those bloggers, young and old, man and woman, who desire to teach, encourage and warn. There is much we can learn from each other. What is even better, is that we can do it from under the banner of a heavenly dad who cares much more than we do.

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4 thoughts on “Wondering Out Loud

  1. I agree with you Pieter…I actually have an appointment this morning to discuss the possibilities of getting involved even further into addiction recovery for my local community. It really burns inside of me that God has lifted me and re-created me from the ashes but there are still so very many people who are still in bondage. To write about it is one thing; to go out and reach even more is another. God grant me the strength to extend my ministry to the folks suffering right down the street. Maturity is very underrated. I know for a fact that I could not really touch another person’s life had I not walked the difficult path that they are on at present. A preacher can only do so much, but a person who has lived it has a much deeper impact. I used to sit around and feel sorry for myself for the mess of a life I had lived, but the Lord, in His wisdom, has used my mess to reach out to others…He is so awesome and mightly and knows how to breathe life into death! Pray for me, Pieter, that the Lord will light the path before me.
    And thank you for pointing out the fact that maturity is a key component to being of service for our magnificent God. Bless you!

  2. Well said and I agree! Thanks for sharing your life and the journey of following after Jesus!

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