Ending One Year and Starting the Next

Due to recent events piled on others that have occurred this year and the consequent numbness of heart and mind, I was looking through my photos of 2012 searching for one that encapsulated the year. I came across a photo that I had used in a blog on an earlier occasion in the post: “The Providence of God.”

In this blog I reflected on how my wife’s parents met. Out of two struggling lives God created a loving family in a distant land. The place in this photo is the rest home with its message written in the lives of my wife and her sisters.

At this moment that photo summarises my thoughts: through our pains and struggles God can accomplish much. The darkness of the moment will be removed with the glory that is to come.

Picture 563

“De Hezenberg” near Hattem and Zwolle in the Netherlands.

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4 thoughts on “Ending One Year and Starting the Next

  1. I pray your new year is wonderful!

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in the knowledge that our Lord will carry all of you through a tough time. Surely 2013 will be a year of victory in Christ for those who follow and trust in Him!

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