I was trying to think of something positive to write about. Burglary and house fires – no. An eye for an eye – no again. Family -yes. It is one of my favourite topics. Even students at school get sick of my “family” stories.

cousins 1Briefly, there are two family anecdotes I want to highlight:

A while ago, and again recently (The Providence of God), I reflected on how my wife’s parents met. A few days ago their grandchildren had a reunion. Although my wife’s father has been dead for nearly 50 years, I am sure sure he would have been proud of the brood that gathered – fine young (and some less so!) people all of them. Their grandmother, who died more recently, was able to tell them how proud she was of them. The cousins had a great time remembering and celebrating the bonds they have.

My second story relates to the burglary and house fire two of my daughters had recently. (Which I am not going into!) What impressed me as a dad was how the sisters and lone brother in law went into action to help. Some cleaned, some made meals, others carried and fetched (over long distances) and each person’s shoulder was a available to lean and cry on. As a dad, it chokes me up to see the family at work like this. It is another reason for which to thank God!

So once again, I am compelled to proclaim how important family is. It is a jewel to protect, nurture and celebrate. I know for some readers your experience differs. If you have a young family, make an effort to set a foundation in which mutual care and love is a key guiding principle. In the future times will come when these bonds will be extremely important. So build them when they are young.

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2 thoughts on “Family

  1. squigglyrainbow

    Very true, I love reading of good families… an inspiration to me and the new cycle started with my husband and our children. Praying for God to bless and protect our relationships as He intends them to be, without burdens of our fathers and previous generations.

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